Choosing the right canvas for your project

Single or Mono Canvas: is a type of needlepoint canvas with mesh of single vertical and horizontal threads. This allows the stitches to move, making mono canvas the perfect choice for projects that will be subjected to uneven pressure, such as pillows and chair cushions. Projects using single or mono canvas are normally worked in a frame, as the canvas has a tendency to distort while being stitched. Single or mono canvas is available in a wide variety of gauges. This is the least expensive of the two mono canvases. 

 Interlock Mono Canvas:  This type of needlepoint canvas has a single horizontal thread wrapped by two vertical threads, "locking" the mesh at intersections. Projects using this type of canvas have less distortion due to the locked mesh, making it more stable. Unlike mono canvas, stitches tend to stay put because the intersections are "interlocked." Interlocked canvas is what you would expect to get in a needlepoint kit and comes in white or antique brown. This tends to be more expensive than single or mono.

Double Canvas or Penelope Canvas: Instead of the single thread that makes up mono canvas, Penelope canvas or double canvas has a double thread mesh (two vertical and horizontal threads woven together). This makes it very durable to work with and comes in a wide variety of gauges. A single stitch can be made over two threads decreasing the number of stitches needed to fill in the canvas, but also allowing for greater detail in some areas (faces in particular), by stitching over one thread. Double or Penelope canvas can sometimes have a gauge listed as two numbers separated by a slash - such as, 5/10 gauge. The first number is the smaller and refers to the number of double mesh per inch. The second, larger number refers to the number of mesh per inch if the threads are worked individually.

Rug Canvas: is made up of a large mesh of strong cotton threads. This mesh  is formed by twisting two threads around each other lengthwise and locking them around a twisted crosswise thread (the threads cannot be separated.) Rug Canvas is available in two different gauges - 3.3 mesh and 5 mesh (5 mesh is better for more detailed work)