Needlecraft Techniques - Crochet Doilies & Patchwork


Drawn Thread

The term "patchwork" calls English and American quilts to mind, some of which are veritable works of art, all of which are put together according to a system. We use this term for a type of

Crochet Patchwork

Crochet Doilie Diamonds

Crochet Ideas 7020/601 Diamonds


Crochet Doilie Circles

Crochet Ideas 103/132 Circles


Crochet Doilie Squares

Crochet Ideas 103/136 Squares

crochet work in which borders are crocheted around pieces of fabric that are then crocheted together to make a larger tablecloth or runner.

Fabric type :
For crochet patchwork, doiles with eyelet edges are available in many different shapes. Evenly- spaced holes for the crochet hook are machine embroidered into the edges of each. You can also use even-weave needlework fabrics that are so loosely woven that a small crochet hook can be pushed through. The advantage here is, you determine the size of the patches. Patch edges must be finished with zigzag stitch or turned under before crocheting. However, ready-made doilies work better for diagonal and round shapes.

Recommended fabrics :
Doilies with eyelet edges are available in many different shapes and sizes, e.g 7011 Blossom, 7012 Circle, 7015 Square, 7017 Octagon, 7018 Star, 7022 Rosette, 7023 Triangle, 7026 Stocking 7024 Petal, 7025 Diamond. These doilies are made from 3972 MERAN, an even-weave needlework fabric with 27 threads/inch and with the same warp and weft count. The advantages of doilies are their uniform size and uniform number of eyelets in the edges, making it much easier to crochet them together into patchwork patterns. You can also embroider the doilies before crocheting. The coarser types of even-weave needlework fabrics are more suitable for crochet patchwork, as it's easier to crochet directly into the fabric. We highly recommend textured 3711 ARIOSA (19 threads/inch) and smooth 3256 BELLANA (20 threads/inch). If you prefer finer weaves such as 3835 LUGANA (25 threads/inch). The first crochet round must be worked with a very fine steel hook. The pure linen 3604 DUBLIN Linen (25 threads/inch) is a finer fabric, but due to the loose weave, inserting a crochet hook is no problem. This fabric has its own, elegant character when combined with delicate crochet lace.

Crochet Yarn :
For our eyelet-edge doilies we usually recommend #10 or #20 Coats Aida cotton crochet yarn or Coats Artiste Mercer Crochet Cotton and a 1.25 to 1.50 mm (UK 3 to 3½, US 8 to 6) steel crochet hook, depending upon the pattern. The higher the yarn number, the finer the yarn. The yarn type required also depends upon the density of the weave. For example, #10 crochet yarn is suitable for 3711 ARIOSA and 3256 BELLANA. There are also linen crochet yarns available to go with 100% linen fabric