Needlecraft Techniques - Huck Embroidery / Darning


Huck Embroidery - Huck Darning

For this technique (also called huck darning) you will need a special weave called Huck weave fabric that has surface floats on both sides. Embroidery needle and thread are run underneath the floats rather than piercing the fabric

Huck Embroidery - Huck Darning

Huck Embroidery - Huck Darning  Huck Embroidery - Huck Darning

Darning with figure eights is well-suited for motifs

Huck Embroidery - Huck Darning
Needlework Ideas 3331/605 Huck embroidery

Huck Embroidery - Huck Darning
Needlework Ideas 3331/606 Huck embroidery

Traditionally, this embroidery was used mostly for decorating hand towels and the fabric could be embroidered in one direction only. Today's Huck weave fabrics can be embroidered on both sides and in lengthwise and crosswise directions.

Fabric type:
With 3331 GERSTENKORN (huckweave) fabric you can make individually-sized tablecloths, café curtains, hand towels, bathrobes, bags and much more.

Recommended fabrics:
GERSTENKORN (huckweave) fabric is 170 cm (67") wide. It is sold in Fat quarters, Half metres and available in a wide range of colours.

If you prefer to work with finer stitch gauges, try working huck embroidery on AIDA fabrics. However, the needle and thread won't slip as easily under the fabric threads as on hucka Go back fabric.

Embroidery thread:
#3 and #5 PEARL cotton are usually used for this technique. Metallic embroidery threads add particular accents on Christmas and other festive pieces.